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Disclaimer and Related Policies

"Mountaineering, remote trekking, Traveling in mountains and skiing carry an inherent risk of injury and death, which cannot be eliminated. You must accept that although we do our utmost to reduce any risks to an acceptable level, there are chances of accidents happening."

Booking Conditions:

1) All bookings are made with HIMADVENTURES INTERNATIONAL TOURS & TRADES, Registered Company In CANADA and franchise in INDIA and NEPAL. (hereinafter referred to as The Company).

2) The term "expedition" used in these booking conditions refers to all itineraries described in this website, save those specifically entitled "extensions" and which might otherwise be known as tours, treks, trips or holidays.

3) All international flights are on scheduled national carriers. At the time of going to print, we are unable to name the airline or the type of aircraft. Flight details will be sent to you within one month of departure.

4) To book a place, complete the on-line Booking Form and send it to The Company with your deposit of 30% advance per person, per expedition together with the premium for your insurance if required. Unless the expedition is full, you will receive confirmation of booking and Expedition Dossier. The following expeditions require a higher deposit: ALL LADAKH and ZANSKAR REGION, ALL MOUNTAINEERING EXPEDITIONS,

5) Extensions to our expedition itineraries can be purchased separately. The arrangements for extensions are made on an individual basis once a booking is made. Extensions are subject to a separate deposit of full advance. Confirmation of receipt by The Company of your extension deposit will not be confirmation of your extension as it will not be possible at that time for the Company to confirm that the booked extension will be available or that it will be identical to that shown in our marketing material. We will confirm all of the arrangements to you before you pay your final balance. Should the confirmed extension itinerary be significantly different to the published one then you will be free to cancel the extension only and a refund will be made. This will not affect your booking of the main expedition itinerary, which will be held as a separate contract, nor the cancellation terms pertaining to it.

6) The final balance for your expedition booking and for any booked extension before the expedition- we usualy prefer at takeover point whatever is first. This could be any mountain city or Delhi. If the balance is not received by the specified date, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and your deposit will be forfeited, unless a Director of The Company has agreed a delay in your payment.

7) You may pay your deposit and final balance using any lawful means. The total amount received by us must be no less than the full amount shown on your invoice. If sending money by electronic (bank) transfer then you must pay the remitter’s (your) fees and the beneficiaries (our) fees. We prefer UK residents to pay their final balances by cheque or debit card, which attract no surcharges. If you pay your final balance by credit card, then we will add a surcharge of 3% to reflect the costs imposed on us (this surcharge will not apply to the payment of deposits, nor to overseas residents.) We prefer to receive cheques in UK Sterling only, as the costs and delays involved in negotiating cheques of other currencies are prohibitive.

8) Notice of cancellation must be given in writing. Should you cancel, the following scale of charges will apply:

60 days or more before the expedition starts - loss of deposit.
30 days or more but less than 60 days before the expedition starts - 30% of total trip cost.
10 days or more but less than 30 days before the expedition starts - 60% of total trip cost.
Less than 10 days before the expedition starts - 100% of total trip cost.

Similar terms are adopted throughout the travel industry and cover the costs of advance payments made by The Company. Cancellation charges may be covered, in part, by your travel insurance provided the reason for cancellation falls within the terms of the policy.

9) Whilst every effort will be made to adhere to the planned itinerary, it must be realised that with this type of adventurous activity changes to the programme will occur from time to time. The Company accepts neither responsibility nor liability, for any ensuing costs, or the consequences of any such change, however caused.

10) Circumstances may arise where we are forced to alter dates, expedition duration, flight schedules, trekking routes, or hotel accommodation before an expedition starts. We will try to inform you of any such changes as soon as we know of them.

11) On assessing the conditions expected to be encountered in the mountains or the abilities of the Team Members, your Expedition Leader may decide to change any aspect of the trip, if he or she believes that to continue with the itinerary or activities, or any latterly agreed alternatives, would place anyone at undue risk.

12) Your Expedition Leader will do his or her utmost to ensure that any problems are solved for the benefit of the Team as a whole. Signing the booking form signifies your acceptance of the Expedition Leader’s authority to make decisions affecting the group or individuals. For instance, the Expedition Leader may require an individual or individuals to leave the expedition if he or she believes that a person, or a person’s health, is at risk, if an illegal act is committed, or behaviour may become, or has been, detrimental to the safety, enjoyment or well-being of the group.

13) A client leaving an expedition at any stage, for whatever reason, will not be entitled to any refund unless agreed by a Director of The Company.

14) Team sizes may be increased or decreased at the discretion of The Company. We give no undertaking as to the minimum size of a team. Similarly, leaders named in expedition descriptions may also be changed.

15) We reserve the right to cancel any expedition which does not have sufficient people taking part to make it financially viable. By the same token, we will endeavour to ensure that an expedition runs if at all possible. If an expedition is likely to be cancelled under such circumstances, we undertake to inform you as soon as possible, but this may occur after final balances are due

16) Anyone booked onto an expedition cancelled by The Company will be entitled to a full refund. Anyone on such an expedition will be invited to transfer to another expedition and no transfer fee will be payable. Should you transfer to another expedition any difference in price will be invoiced or credited accordingly.

17) Most of our expeditions (including treks) involve going to high-altitude and carry an inherent risk of altitude illness. Similarly, most of our trips visit remote locations or poorly developed regions where infrastructure is limited. In such places, the risks to health are increased and the ability to treat injury or illness effectively is reduced. Additionally, climbing and mountaineering, which includes treks that cross glaciated terrain or snow-bound passes, are hazardous activities with a risk of serious injury or death. By signing these booking conditions you acknowledge these hazards and your acceptance of the associated risks.

18) Most expeditions have days in the itinerary that are included to provide flexibility in case of bad weather, or some other untoward event, and thereby increase the chances of your principle objective being achieved and for the expedition to be successful. If these days are not needed in order to achieve the aims of the expedition and the team decides to return from the mountains early, any additional costs incurred by you and associated with extra hotel nights, or services that would not otherwise have been provided nor were given in the published itinerary, must be met by you at the time.

19) Neither The Company nor any of its representatives will be responsible for any illness, injury or death sustained on our expeditions, nor will they be liable for any uninsured loss of personal property.

20) The Company cannot be made liable for the consequences of strikes, industrial action, wars, riots, sickness, quarantine, government intervention, weather conditions, or other untoward occurrences, whatever they may be.

21) In the event of civil unrest in a particular region, we undertake to inform our clients of the situation as soon as we have knowledge of it.

22 ) For all expeditions, you are advised to have insurance that covers you for all of the activities to be undertaken, including appropriate insurance for the hazardous pursuits to be undertaken with cover for search, helicopter rescue and medical repatriation.

23 ) Having made every effort to ensure the correctness of this website and all subdomains, we cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies.

24 ) Prices & quotes in this website are based on costs and exchange rates as at 01/Oct/2006. We will do what we can to mitigate against any rise in our operating costs and strive to keep prices fixed. In the unlikely event that surcharges become necessary, the following conditions will apply:
a. Surcharges arising directly from a change in the world price of oil and levied by airlines, or agents acting for the Company, will be passed on and you will be invoiced accordingly.
b. If surcharges become necessary for reasons other than as a direct consequence of a change in the world price of oil, you may cancel your booking without penalty if the surcharge amounts to more than 10% of the cost of the Expedition.

25 ) The Company’s agents and representatives, other than a Director of The Company, are not entitled to promise refunds for whatever reason, and The Company will not be bound by any such promises.

26) These booking conditions may only be waived in special circumstances, and in writing, by a letter from a Director of The Company.

27) The terms and conditions of all agreements made with The Company shall be subject to, and governed by, Indian law.

28) When making your booking it is implied and accepted that you have read and understood all these booking conditions and agree to abide by them.


You must be in possession of a valid passport and all visas, permits and certificates including vaccination certificates, required for the whole of the journey and You accept full responsibility for making all necessary arrangements in this regard. If You fail to do so, www.himadventures.net has no liability to You for any cost, loss or damage which You may suffer, nor will the www.himadventures.net refund You the cost of any unused portion of Your travel arrangements. You should check with the appropriate embassy for the exact requirements for Your chosen tour and dates of travel. Any information or assistance that the www.himadventures.net may give You is in good faith, but without any responsibility on the part of the Company.


Where You have a complaint about any aspect of the holiday, You should inform the group leader or representative as soon as possible of the nature of the complaint so that the leader or representative has the opportunity to resolve the matter immediately. In the unlikely event that the complaint is still unresolved at the end of the trip, You must inform the Company of the complaint in writing within 30 days of returning from the trip. The Company will not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any complaints if You fail to notify the leader or representative during the trip. The Company expects to resolve all disputes amicably. However, if the Company are unable to reach a satisfactory conclusion with You, You may refer the dispute to mediation or arbitration.


i) www.himadventures.net will do its utmost to make sure that Your trip arrangements are satisfactory and in accordance with the published descriptions. Where any part of the trip booked with the Company is not supplied as described and is not of a reasonable standard, the Company will accept liability and will pay You reasonable compensation. Any claim for compensation will be restricted to a maximum compensation payment of 1.5 times the cost of the trip, and is subject to terms below. You must take account of the reality of travel and circumstances in region you are in. That services and conditions cannot be expected to be of the same standard as in your country, and the term ‘reasonable standard’ must be interpreted accordingly.

ii) The Company will not pay compensation in the following circumstances:-

a) where the failures which occur in the performance of the contract are attributable to You; or

b) such failures are attributable to a third party unconnected with the provision of the services contracted for, and are unforeseeable or unavoidable; or

c) such failures are due to unusual or unforeseeable circumstances or events beyond the control of the Company, its agents or suppliers, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all due care had been exercised.

iii) In addition to the limit on compensation at 1.5 times the costs of the trip, our acceptance of liability above is limited further where the claim relates to the provision of transport by air, sea, rail or hotel accommodation in accordance with the provisions of law of India.


Where You make independent arrangements outside the scope of the tour, this is done entirely at Your own risk. If You make additional travel arrangements while on holiday through the Company, its agents or suppliers, no liability is accepted by the Company whatsoever in carrying out such booking. In such circumstances, the Company acts as booking agent only, and all liability concessions set out in clause 16 above are excluded. Your rights will lie solely against the organisations supplying the independent arrangements.


The Company takes its obligations seriously under lawof the land, and employ suitable security measures to protect the information the Company holds about You. When booking a trip with us, however, You authorise us to pass on information about You to our agents and suppliers, and the Company cannot be held responsible for any acts or omissions of our agents and or suppliers in relation to such information.

Best efforts have been made to provide true, authentic and current information on this website but www.himadventures.net and people asociated with it takes no responsibility whatsoever for the contents and accuracy of the information listed in this site and opinions and recommendations offered and rejects any liability due to direct or indirect use of the information featured on its site.

Data and pictures displayed at www.himadventures.net is contribution of several visitors. www.himadventures.net does not take responsibilty and credit for any material or graphic displayed. If you have any complaint/suggestion rearding any text/graphic to be added or removed -please write ASAP to info@himadventures.net

www.himadventures.net reserves the right to refuse or remove any advertisement without prior notice if they are found to contain or link to any adult or illegal information or violate any International or Indian laws.

Prizes, for contests held on this site, sponsored by individuals and companies & no guarantee/assurance by www.himadventures.net for the services or product.

For hotel reservations and bookings made through this site, www.himadventures.net takes no responsibility for the services provided by the hotel or company and will not be liable in any way for injuries, damages etc.

All Adventure related activities are prone to provide a 'open door' for injury and may cause death also. Great care & experience had been put in providing safety and security of our clients ( www.himadventures.net belongs to certified people ) -although no such incidence of injury or death had happened so far BUT through this disclaimer www.himadventures.net or people associaed with it's website and field operations shall not be responsible in full or part for any injust or death caused by human /natural factor.

All clients are requested to fill up a form indicating their age and free will to undertake adventure activity.


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