Images of Himalayas, Sahyadri Mountains And India Tourism

Images from trekking, climbing, camping, Jeep safari in himalayas, sahyadri mountains and general tourism in India.
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HimalayasOutdoor And Adventure Travel in Himalayas and Sahyadri-with experienced mountain guides and mountaineers.Providing services for trekking in himalayas,climbing himalayas,himalayan jeepsafari and package tours of india.
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Kinner Kailash Circuit


KINNER KAILASH CIRCUIT : A challenging trekking route in tribal himachal pradesh. Home of Ibex and Snow leopards, this is lesser known region bordering Tibet and Spiti. Some trekking experience is required.

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Misc Images From Himachal Pradesh


Himachal Pradesh is well known to trekkers, climbers and people who wish to do just camping in meadows. Lowest snow range makes it more popular among every type of tourist.

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Misc Images From Uttarakhand


Formerly known as Garhwal Himalayas and Kumaon Himalayas is famous for not only trekking routes but also for climbing possibilities. With passage of time trend of traveling to distant and lesser known places have increased.

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Misc Images From Ladakh And Zanskar


No introduction required although one of the most distant and difficult region of himalayas. Ladakh and Zanskar require good preparation and experience of himalayas before undertaking any outdoor activity.

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Wildlife AND Bird Sanctuaries


Images from various wildlife and bird sanctuaries of India. About the Wildlife Sanctuaries & National Parks in India, Tiger reserves, bird sancturies.

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Kashmir- Patnitop


A heaven in not only summers but also in winters. The temperature varies between 40O C and – 5O C. These is an altitudinal variation of approximately 3,8000M a minimum difference of 14O C or more can be expected at any given time. December, January and February are the coldest months. July to September is the rainy season.

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Kinnaur Travel


Kinnaur is a district in Himachal Pradesh, India. It is located in the southeastern part of the state, and borders Tibet on its eastern end. Most of the villages of Kinnaur lie at quite a high altitude, some close to 4000m. It's a dry and very cold area, and in the right season (July-August) its quietness, great visibility, wonderful views and somewhat mysterious atmosphere all make it a great area to explore.

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Sahyadri MountainsTrekking in Sahyadri- providing trekking, camping, rock climbing, traveling mumbai, siteseeing in sahyadri mountain range.
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Bhimashankar Surrounding


Bhimashankar is lesser known to outer world but is well known to tribal people since human settlement in this vast range. Scenic views and dense jungle makes the trek most thrilling.

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Bhuleshwar - Great Experience


As we said- Sahyadri is lesser known to outer world- not only great relics of history of man kind and civilization in this hidden region but also an example of how man survived in wild with hard living.

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Images from Sahyadri Mountains

visapur1.jpg will always be grateful to Abhay Kale :- A silent Pune based adventurer who leads and guided us to many such places. These images are just a sand dust of those.

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Konkan -Maharashtra


Konkan is world famous for it's natural beauty and preserved culture. We will be posting more images. Here is just a introduction.

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Konkan Anjarle [ Ratnagiri Region ]


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Traveling In IndiaTraveling India- Images from cities, places and villages of India.
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Akshardham-Temple [ Delhi ]


Akshardham Temple is lesser known by tourist. Perhaps due to less publicity or awareness. This is a place which welcomes everyone and refreshes mind and soul, irrespective of our faiths.

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Taj Mahal [ Agra ]


A different Taj Mahal from a photographers view. I specially wants to thank Masterji who was our guide and leads us to some mindblowing photographic views of Taj Mahal.

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Ajanta And Ellora [ Maharashtra ]


Images from Ajanta and Eloora caves in Aurangabad [ Maharashtra ] Please spare two days minimum - one day each , to explore these caves.

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Hampi- Forgotton Golden CityHampi is situated on the banks of the Tungabhadra river. It is 353 km from Bangalore, 254 km from Bijapur and 74 km away from Bellary. Hosapete, 13 km away, is the nearest taluka headquarters. The chief languages spoken are Kannada and Telugu. The principal industries of the village are agriculture, the support of the Virupaksha temple and some other local holy places in the vicinity, and tourism.
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